Silver Touch Set

Product type: Snackpack

  • Silver Touch 4pcs Set: (1000/2000/3000/4000)

        Sets/ CTNS: 6   CTN 40HQ: 460    Qty. 40HQ (Set/Pc): 2760

  • Silver Touch 3pcs Set: (1000/2000/3000)

        Sets/ CTNS: 6   CTN 40HQ: 500    Qty. 40HQ (Set/Pc): 3000

  • Silver Touch 2pcs Set: (2000/3000)

        Sets/ CTNS: 12   CTN 40HQ: 350    Qty. 40HQ (Set/Pc): 4200

  • Silver Touch 2pcs Set:(1000/2000)

        Sets/ CTNS: 12   CTN 40HQ: 380    Qty. 40HQ (Set/Pc): 4560


1996 the year of our inception. Nearly a decade now JIGER is a well known name world over. Virgin food grade material ensures 100 % hygienic products backed by superior quality insulation with perfected Temper ... read more

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