Jiger is a journey that began nearly a decade ago, taking quality Indian products to the world. Our endeavor has always been to ensure customer satisfaction by providing hi-quality products at the right price, on time. The experience and expertise has made us a known name with clientele spread across the world. We would be glad to share this expertise with you. Interested? reach us with your requirements.

Interested In Exports

Are you an Exporter? Would you like to add our Products to your merchandise? If the answer is yes we would like to know your requirements. At Jiger we have a happy history of endeavored tie-ups with Merchant Exporters from all parts of the country. Our experience as manufacturers and a reasonable pricing structure will certainly prove beneficial to you. Interested?We eagerly await your call / requirement at the earliest.

Import Enquiries

At Jiger Plast, nothing is more important to us than meeting the needs of our Importers / distributors and establishing long-standing relationships built on understanding. Backed by experience of 10 years, we are committed to being the best manufacturer & Exporter to the world. You can count us for world-class delivery, an unsurpassed commitment to quality products, and dedicated account managers who will work with you to develop & deliver products to support your requirements.

New Products Developments

At Jiger we believe no idea is ever lasting and there is always scope for further perfection and innovation. Many a times we are approached by various Exporters & also Importers who need tailored solutions. We have a young and energetic team of product developers who work towards achieving and satisfying client requirements. Many such products have become commercially successful and also trend setters for others to follow. At Jiger we will be glad to know your requirements and provide customized solutions. Please let us know.